The EASY WAY to remove clogged debris from your garden rake!


The HandiRake® Cleaner converts an ordinary rake into a versatile, multi-purpose raking tool for your yard & garden!

  • > Snaps onto a standard garden rake with 14 tines
  • > Lightweight and durable "no-break" plastic
  • > Made in Belding, Michigan
  • > 5 Year Warranty

Use as a self-cleaning rake for fast & easy clean-up.
Push cleaner forward to scrape off clogged mulch, twigs, slimy leaves, sticky pine cones, tangled weeds, roots, animal waste, and other dirty yard & garden debris.

Additional Uses :
 Covered rake head enables more material to be moved.
 Tool can be flipped upside down for leveling and smoothing soil.
 Also works great for raking and scooping up dog waste.

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